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SUPERNAP Data Center

The SuperNAP Thailand data centre was constructed  in the Chonburi Province of Thailand to provide the first Uptime Institute rated Tier IV Gold data centre in Asia.

This data centre was designed and built to the specification of the industry renowned SWITCH Las Vegas multi-tenant/colocation data centre in the USA, covering 20,000sqm with the ability for this to be increased to 42,000sqm in the future. The installation included more than 6,000 server racks consuming over 60MW through diverse 115kV transmission paths within the site.

The ACHM team provided professional services to SUPERNAP from the initial cost planning, budgeting, pre-construction and throughout construction & defects liability period.  This project brought challenges due to the requirements for a high degree of imported materials based on a design for Las Vegas which holds significantly different climatic conditions to Thailand.  The ACHM team worked closely with the Client and Contractor to ensure the final solution met the international standards required.

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