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Over our years of experience in the construction industry our team has a diverse knowledge base which can provide the right guidance to projects from initial inception through to final decommissioning.  Fully understanding the impacts of decisions early on in a development is essential for the overall success of the project and ultimately our Clients and their businesses.

Our team provides support to our Clients from project initiation; assisting to develop ideas, find solutions, establish suitable sites and form the basis for strong and healthy developments.

These advisory services include the following:

  • Initial Site Inspections & Assessments

  • Full Due Diligence services for new or existing sites

  • Project Feasibility studies for Greenfield/Brownfield sites

  • Project Life Cycle (LCC) and Whole Life Cycle Costing (WLC)

  • Leading of Contractual Negotiations

  • Advise of required professions

  • Provide Project Leader Function on behalf of the Client

  • Facilitation of Client strategy and project workshops

  • Project Risk Management

  • Management of Client and Consultant teams inline with core project requirements

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