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At ACHM, our key objectives have remained unchanged over the past 20 years and we remain committed to offering uncompromising quality of service, driven by our highly experienced team, ensuring the successful project outcomes our clients trust us to deliver.

We achieve the service levels our clients have come to expect by continuous focus on empowering our people, developing our culture, continuously improving our services and maintaining our industry relationships.  We maintain a highly experienced, multinational team that brings together experienced professionals with diverse educational backgrounds, cultures, and career experience.  Harnessing the global experience of our local and international staff, we provide efficient solutions focused on minimizing time and cost while always exceeding client expectations.

Our flat organizational structure fosters a supportive, collaborative culture that rewards individual responsibility, integrity and openness which supports us in delivering realistic and reliable solutions to our clients.  Each of our projects, regardless of size or value, is led directly by our executives which gives our clients the full benefit of immediate access to all levels of our company.  We believe this leads to better client engagement, quicker decision making, and more efficient all-round service delivery.

Although our mission has not changed in over 20 years our industry has and we are always striving  to remain at the forefront.  We are continuously evaluating and adapting our services to changes in international standards, technology, service strategies, management approaches and methodologies.  This process of continuous improvement supports us in developing the best solutions available today rather than simply recycling the solutions that have always worked in the past.

Our culture of collaboration extends well beyond our office walls.  We firmly believe that for our clients to succeed they need to access the best the market has to offer, not the best we happen to have in our office.  We focus heavily on our core competencies and rather than attempting to expand into other industry sectors, we choose instead to build and maintain relationships with leading architects, contractors, engineers and specialist consultancies.  Our collaborative industry relationships give our clients the peace of mind that if we cant solve a problem, we will refer it to a trusted partner who can rather than risking the deliver of a substandard solution ourselves.

As a leading Asian construction consultancy, we remain committed to continuing to build on our reputation for delivery, integrity, innovation and client satisfaction.

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